Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Orly Taitz and the Subpoena for the bogus Certificate

Today WND came out with the story that Attorney Orly Taitz is going to Hawaii on August 8th, 2011 and handing over her court subpoena demanding them to let her view the original Soetoro birth certificate that Hawaii supposedly has on file at the Hawaiian Department of Health. Of course, the bogus piece of trash that the White House provided on April 27th was NOT a duplicate of the genuine MICROFISHE or MICROFILM image, so apparently there is only a digital image (it’s doubtful) of the 1961 document.

The WND article is somewhat deceitful. They imply that there could be indeed a 1961 image that will come close to resembling the fraudulent document that has been posted by the White House document-goons.

It is clear that there is no possibility that any such legitimate document can or could be produced. If it could … IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PRODUCED ALREADY!

The paperwork (aka microfilm) documentation that Ms. Taitz will have to produce to prove that the Soetoro documents were not a forgery would require the seal of the then Director of Health, Dr. Leo Burnstein. The Nordyke birth certificate’s seal looks like:

This document was dated 5-5-1966, which showed the format of all Birth documents of that time period. The embossed seal can clearly be seen in the MIDDLE, and two signatures were shown… Any document that Orly produces without the above standard markings will be a complete fraud and bogus instrument. Whether the original document was, microfilmed, microfiched or digitally saved, would show all of the above data… NO EXCEPTIONS! The above document was MICROFILM and then you can see my image here is DIGITALLY REPRODUCED. There is no question that you, the reader, can definitely see in both this microfilmed image and my digitally reproduced image, the EMBOSSED SEAL.

The bogus document that Soetoro’s RICO-crime-syndicate offered as a legitimate state document clearly does not provide the same markings as the true birth record of this Nordyke twin’s certificate.

The signature of Dr. Leo Bernstein should be visable as well. His true signature can be found again on a pdf file at looking like this:

However, the April 27th piece of CRAP that Attorney Orly Taitz is attempting to subpoena currently looks like this:

There is no embossed seal on this garbage certificate. Nor does it have the required previous signature of Bernstein, M.D. Instead, it has a misspelled stamp from Alvin T. Onaka which claims this is a TRUE COPY on file with the Hawaii State Department of Health. This is not an ABSTRACT but the actual LONG FORM which MUST HAVE all signatures, stamps and signatures attached. The Short Form is an abstract…the Long Form is not.

If, however, Taitz produces no TRUE COPY (aka microfiche of original document with Bernstein’s signature on it) then Alvin T. Onaka is immediately guilty of felony fraud. Loretta Fuddy, Governor Ambercommie, Attorney General David Louie, Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine, former Governor Linda Lingle likewise need to arrested and be brought up immediately on indictment charges for felony fraud.

There needs to be FORCE BY WE THE PEOPLE TO ACHIEVE THE ARREST OF THESE CRIMINALS. An armed march is being organized to bring these criminals to justice. Contact me at if you have the onions to stand with me!

Monday, July 25, 2011

from: Edward C. Noonan
to: alice benson
date: Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 2:42 PM
subject: Re: Joint Yuba - Sutter County Central Committee Meeting tonight


I forward this email to you from a gentleman from Sacramento. He is a proud Ron Paul-er... Which as you know, I am not. But this indeed brings up two new considerations about me running for President 2012.

The first new bit of info is that the Paulites are having a march on Washington on Oct 8, 2011. This is the first I have heard of this.

To me, it is a joke because Paul has no campaign platform except being against the war in the gulf and being anti-FED. Both are admirable items, but Paul has no desire to be anti-illegal immigration (status quo seems okay to him) and he has refused to become involved in the birther movement and the Constitutional crises the matter poses. The signs on his webpage and in his marches says he wants to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION, but he does very little to do so. So I am very unhappy with Ron Paul's stand on illegal's here in America. Please review his statements on Immigration at:

Please note that here it claims his statements are: "We give food stamps, Social Security, free medical care, free education and amnesty. So you subsidize it, and you have a mess. Conditions have changed. And I think this means that we should look at immigration differently. It’s an economic issue more than anything." He has the typical Librarian stance, "Let the illegal mooches in, just don't give them welfare." I had this same garbage thrown at me when I ran for Governor against Art Olivier and his libertarian campaign manager, Charlene Nightingale.

I can assure you that you would not be in favor of ANY of Paul's views on immigration.

Another one of his views (see above link) is: "I would not sign a bill like [comprehensive immigration reform], because it would be amnesty. I also think that it’s pretty impractical to get an army in this country to round up 12 or maybe 20 million. But I do believe that we have to stick to our guns on obeying the law, and anybody who comes in here illegally shouldn’t be rewarded. And that would be the case. "

So the situation is this... Ron Paul is going to suck most of the anti-illegal alien group away from us regardless of his views being pro-illegals. Paul is going to continue with his lies that he would "honor the law," but when push comes to shove, Paul promises the moon, but utters not a peep on immigration should he get into office. He had been reelected for almost 1 1/2 years back into Congress... His productivity during this time has been nil. He has merely used this time to sleep and nap during his term and little actual accomplishments can be nailed on his trophy board.

As I told you, I would be happy to run as the ANTI-ILLEGAL ALIEN champion for President under the American Independent Party banner. As of yet I have heard of no other AIP voter declaring themselves to be running for our parties Presidential nomination. As of yet I/we do not have a NATIONAL PARTY. I was hoping that the IAP (Independent American Party) could be one possibility, but I am unsure they would support me. We are currently affiliated with the A'sIP (America's Independent Party) but they did not support the California AIP AT ALL IN ANY STATEWIDE CANDIDACY during the 2010 election. They were worthless and unhelpful to the California AIP... Period. And the Constitution Party is out... they still are threatening to continue to sue us in court here in California.

So perhaps it could fall on me, and if I can get 11-11-11 underway and a good showing, and if then I agree to run 100% as the 2012 Presidential Candidate. But we need to quickly get 49 states organized as an AFFILIATE with the American Independent Party. I need 50 State Chairmen, and some 3,100 County Chairmen of every 3100 county within the United States. It has to be done by 11-11-11. If I cannot amass 10,000 to 100,000 armed marchers to march on Washington (they need not be loaded weapons) (but someone with an empty shotgun or empty 30.06, or an empty strapped on .22 on their hip is a threat to the Soetoro administration and the Secret Service.) It will be well advertised prior to the event, so it will give them 90 days to EMPTY WASHINGTON DC. But the actual DOING IT will be shocking to the entire nation.

I can guarantee you that 10,000 - 100,000 armed marchers with EMPTY WEAPONS will send a chill throughout the entire world. And our threat to arrest Soetoro, arrest all 435 members of congress (Ron Paul included), and the 9 supreme court justices will have every MSM camera AT THE SCENE, at the ready.

I can guarantee you that Ron Paul's mediocre march in October will not even gain a few seconds on the nightly news. However, AN ARMED MARCH TO ARREST THE CORRUPTED CRUDS IN WASHINGTON will be a 24/7 news coverage.

So again, I say it is all about 11-11-11. Ron Paul's useless waste of gas and verbage will do nothing. If we can raise an army we can take back our dead Constitution by force if necessary...and too, then I will be convinced we have a chance to RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

In my run for US Senate I only had one person help me... and that was my State Committee Chairman (Sorenson) who offered $400 but I only asked for $25.

Let us see what you can do with your millions of listeners and anti-illegal volunteers. You give me hope...but only the Lord can make this happen.

I will put the word out to my people that your encouragement has been offered. Let us see how your people will rally to the cry that we need to secure our borders, and to insure those of the La Raza, and MEChA and other anti-Constitutionalists are cast out from our midst. Both of these groups that you fear and which you have done remarkable research on regarding this pro-Communist invaders and are not compatible with our former Constitution.

Let me know how you think we should proceed with these new facts. Paul's march, which appears to have some support will do nothing except to get another Republican in office (if anything.) Only an independent, welding a VETO PEN on 99.9999999% of all future legislation will slow down the race over the cliff towards our demise. If elected I would veto most bills which would require 2/3 majority to pass. THAT WOULD THROW A SLUG INTO THE WORKS! This is what the country currently needs...A SLOW DOWN!

I know you keep saying that if I keep positive, the Lord will be at our side. I know he is drawing me towards the goal of restoring our dead Constitution. I know you hate it when I say the constitution is dead. But that is the gist of it and there is little doubt that little is being done to resurrect it.

There is a meeting in August of the Independent American Party in Idaho Falls. I am sure they could give you a few minutes to voice your concerns on the invasion of illegals.They should be ready to listen since some of Idaho is being sold off to China. Idaho will so become our 1st Chinese warden state.

Let me know what you think...

Edward C. Noonan

Friday, July 22, 2011

Volunteer for 11-11-11

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flyer for 11-11-11 Revolution in Washington DC

The flyer has been uploaded to You can view it, download it and get it out to your people now. LINK HERE

The Upcoming 11-11-11 American Revolution

Last year in March of 2010, Canada Free Press printed an article written by Alan Caruba. In it he commented, “We are suffering through the worst abuse of power we have ever witnessed in the modern era.” Next to his article was the awesome image here below. It shows D.C. burning, and a Marxist flag in the background. And our military raising the American flag.

And then, Jim O’Neill, July 18, 2011 penned his article, “Time to Reboot America.” (It was also in the Canada Free Press.) O’Neill said, “I suspect that the only reason that American Revolution II has remained on the back burner for as long as it has, is only because of a lack of leadership and direction.”

So, this is the call for men and women to “come forward and give us leadership and direction.” I am unsure anyone has the fortitude to do so, but I am issuing the call! Please fill out and return the following application. You will be contacted and we can begin to formulate plans to remove the traitors from out government buildings that have lead us astray.

Please download the application, print it, fill out, scan it and then email the application back to help us save America.