Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Criminal charges will be filed against Soetoro on May 25th! Donald Trump may be in on the Fraud?

Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones really blew my mind today.

They imply that Kenyan born Soetoro (aka BHO) may soon be in chains and imprisoned for a vast array of felonies and treasonous behaviors. Criminal charges will be filed against Soetoro TOMORROW with the FBI. According to Corsi certain agents in the FBI seem to be waiting for the charges and seem to be willing to immediately act on the charges once they get them.

Corsi, a WND investigative reporter, has released his new book and the book has sent shockwaves throughout the world. He says criminal charges will be filed with the FBI tomorrow (May 25th.) He also announced a subpoena has been issued to the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health to account for the fraudulent birth certificate that she certified for the White House.

Corsi reported in this interview with Alex Jones that Corsi learned that in 2004 George Bush had done some investigation regarding the then US Senator Barack Obama. Bush had the US Ambassador to Kenya check into the birth of Soetoro in Kenya. There had been questions of whether or not Obama was born in Kenya and that he may not even a US Citizen (yet a US Senator.) However, a Kenyan official reported that the Kenyan birth certificates for the date of Soetoro's birth had been stolen and criminally removed. Bush kept mum about the matter and would not speak out about the administration's suspicions. Corsi is almost 100% convinced that Soetoro was born in Kenya! Which makes Soetoro an illegal alien... and not even a US Citizen!

Corsi’s book is entitled "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President." Alex Jones told Corsi that this book may cause Corsi to be assassinated by the White House.


In another interview (May 20th) with Alex Jones, Corsi stated that originally it was Stanley Ann Dunham's dream was to go to Kenya and become the wife of the President of Kenya (She would help make Obama Sr PRESIDENT.) This did not pan out but the dream was passed down to little Soetoro. And it became baby Seotoro's dream instead (to become a president.) See the interview here:

Jerome Corsi: White House Scared Over Obama's True Origins.

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