Monday, June 13, 2011

Found Record of Name Change for Barack Obama in British Columbia

Dear Editor of the Canada Free Press

Early this month there has been the new information that there was another forged document placed on the internet. It was first announced by Attorney Stephen Pidgeon. A new YouTube video called “Found Record of Name Change for Barack Obama in British Columbia - 6/3/11” is now up and anyone can view it at

It carries the URL at the beginning of, however, the above video is amended saying that the German site which claims they have received a copy of the NAME CHANGE for Soetoro may not be correct…and it could be just another forged document that swirls around the Soetoro camp like flies around an outhouse.

Pigeon just authored a new book called THE OBAMA ERROR…and last week Pigeon was a guest on the with Rick Wiles. It is in this video that Pidgeon reported the fact that “the Germans are saying” that Soetoro is a British subject and easily got his name changed while in Canada while living in Washington State.

I am not committing on the book, but instead, the bogus Canadian “name change” document that Pigdeon referred to in the video. I am assuming that Canada Free Press is Canadian? There is no public address or point of contact with whois…it merely says that CFP masks its name under a GoDaddy cloak:

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 20-Aug-02
Expires on: 20-Aug-12
Last Updated on: 11-Mar-11
Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

But I will assume that Canada Free Press has something to do with Canada? If so, I ask the question, does Canada allow official documents to be forged, and placed on the internet just like America does. Soetoro has two forged/photoshopped certifications of birth, a forged/photoshopped selective service (draft) registration card, a few dozen stolen Social Security Cards, and false and fraudulent “certifications of Nominations” proclaiming Soetoro to be qualified to be a candidate for POTUS.

Now, it appears like another false Soetoro documentation is now going world-wide and this time it is the Canadians that are now having false Canadian official papers being forced on Canadian citizens!

Please read the following which shows that Canadians are now part of the CANADIAN NAME CHANGE scam:


"The truth on" Barack Obama "

The U.S. president and candidates for the leadership of the World Government, Barack Obama, has met yesterday in Dresden with representatives of the Underground Reich. I give no information about the outcome of these discussions, but as soon as my contact person to send me information, I will continue!

Today I want to publish but highly sensitive information about his true background. I have long hesitated, but he is perhaps now at the forefront of world government must be the truth. Obama was also the first U.S. president since William Howard Taft, who stood at the head of world government - aside from Richard Nixon, who led the kingdom at a time when the world government tried to regain their independence, and of course, if one the puppet regime of Gerald Rudolph Ford does not count.

While Obama's campaign there was much excitement about his lack of birth certificate: Agents of the Underground Reich scattered at that time the rumor that Obama was not born in the United States. This is of course nonsense. Although he is an Egyptian citizen, descendant of an ancient Coptic family, but it came during a vacation his parents, General Mounir Hakram Ubayd, and the Ethiopian Amira tenager Ubayd, born Zenawi, to the world in Hawaii.

The small Barak grew up in Kario, but the Ubayd spent much time in Canada, where Obama on the family nanny, Stanley Ann Dunham, was taught in the language and cultural customs of the United States. During this time, his parents changed his name to "Barack Hussein Obama," as this document proves that I have received from the archives of the Vatican's secret service:

Obama's change of name certificate (original)

The genius of this name change: it is for a future U.S. president is a very unusual name. The Ubayd had her son, so can be a typical American name, but in which they chose the name Barack Obama, you did divert the attention of world public of the name change. Who would expect that this is not his real name? His second first name, Hussein, but it almost became fatal. Hakram Ubayd could not then know that the United States, with the travelers of Medina are in conflict, and why the Muslim world would be set against hostile.

In 1977 the couple Ubayd in Libyan-Egyptian War was killed (or taken away, the bodies were never found), and the sixteen year old Obama did with his nanny in the U.S., where the Protectorate began to use him as its candidate. The management of the company his father, which made him even then to multi-billionaire, he gave his cousin, who would become his most important intermediary in the traveler.

The fact that Obama now denounced his loyalty to the Protectorate has and seeks instead the leadership of the world government, not least because of the immense wealth of his family is a serious problem: the family is with all factions of the elite well connected, and some even believe he could impossible and create a world government and a protectorate. But he has not achieved his goal, and only he who laughs last, laughs loudest!


REMEMBER: World Net Daily (WND) (via Dr. Corsi) claims that Pidgeon is incorrect and this NAME CHANGE DOCUMENT in Canada MAY BE a hoax and this name change as per this German website cannot be trusted. WND warns “Don't fall for Pidgeon's ruse without verification from the Canadian provincial government that will never come.”

My question to the Canada Free Press is this…would you be willing to bring this matter up before a Canadian Court? If I have no standing in an American Court, I would have no standing in a Canadian Court as well. But you seem to be Canadian! Or at least your name implies that you are. Even though we do not believe that the German site is correct (and there is NO Canadian NAME CHANGE,) it is true that there is a document that has surfaced that is either false or true. Would Canada Free Press sue in your Canadian courts and subpoena all records from the German site, plus subpoena the bogus birth records from Hawaii, Kenya, and all other documents that have been falsely produced by various thugs in this matter of Soetoro. Since there is a false Canadian name change record... you have standing to produce his ORIGINAL BIRTH RECORDS AS WELL! (Kenya or Hawaii)

Or, is Canada's court system just as corrupt as the one in America? Do Canadian care if false government documents float around in cyberspace? Or do Canadians NOT HAVE STANDING IN THEIR COURTS TOO?

I challenge my Canadian neighbors to SUBPOENA THE TRUTH for us here in America. Read the above lies of the German website and think of all the ways Canada is being affected by having a false CANADIAN NAME CHANGE DOCUMENT defiling your nation. Because NOW it is not just we Americans that live with the filth and dishonor that comes from the White House, but now you Canadians must also live with these vile lies and vile false documents causing your nation to become a stinking cesspool as well…else PROVE the CANADIAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH - NAME CHANGE document is TRUE. Either way, Soetoro loses!

Edward C. Noonan
2002 Candidate – Secretary of State (CA)
2006 Candidate – Governor (CA)
2010 Candidate – US Senate (CA)
2006-2008 State Party Chairman – American Independent Party

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