Saturday, July 2, 2011

DEREK'S PDF AKA Soetoro's Long form Birth Certificate

I was on Pamela Bartlett's FACEBOOK page today and saw a comment by Jim Michael Youngblood. His message said:

DEREK'S PDF AKA Obama's Long form Birth Certificate
Opening Obama’s long-form PDF file in Microsoft Word 2007 in US ASCII reveals the following:

%Derek’s PDF
......4 0 obj
x M ;n 1

Is Derek the name of the forger of Obama's long form Birth Certificate????
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This was a stroke of luck because I use MS Office 2007 as well... and I am quite proficient with it. So I pulled up Mr. Soetoro's bogus Birth Certificate on the White House website and sure enough... it had the ID of this DEREK. See here:

There is little doubt that this is a felonious document that the White House has produced. There is no way this can be a true State of Hawaiian document.

But could it be true?

I GOOGLEed the words "OBAMA DEREK" and came up with several hits. It seems like Soetoro was being referred to by the name of "Derek" as far back as 2007. One blog refered to Soetoro as Derek. See:

So, you scumbuckets! Now you are throwing this at me? His name is DEREK and not Barack...or Barry Soetoro or whatever? How come I never knew Soetoro is known as DEREK also? I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about this scumbag King of ours, but DEREK?

Will I NEVER cease to be amazed?

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