Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chester Arthur – 1st Bogus POTUS vs The Death of America

Re: Leo Donofrio, Esq

In my new book, "Chester Arthur – 1st Bogus POTUS vs The Death of America" I refute some of what you say here on this post. You claim here in this post, "Chester Arthur was their fifth child, and he was born on October 5, 1829. Reeves established these facts (and the correct date of Chester Arthur’s birth) from the Arthur family Bible."

This is hogwash! A news article from the Sun (New York) –
September 21, 1881 entitled "GEN. ARTHUR’S BIRTHPLACE." states at the end of the piece:

"...This gentleman says he has seen in the Arthur family Bible and in William Arthur’s handwriting this record:

Chester Allan Arthur, born in Fairfield, Franklin
County, Vt, Oct 5, 1830.

This "family bible" seems to contradict Thomas Reeves' "family bible." Of course, the 1881 NY Sun's article was just a fluff piece and did not give "the gentleman's name that was quoted in the Sun article...but this so-called date of 1829 is partially refuted in my new book.

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