Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flyer for 11-11-11 Revolution in Washington DC

The flyer has been uploaded to scribd.com... You can view it, download it and get it out to your people now. LINK HERE

The Upcoming 11-11-11 American Revolution

Last year in March of 2010, Canada Free Press printed an article written by Alan Caruba. In it he commented, “We are suffering through the worst abuse of power we have ever witnessed in the modern era.” Next to his article was the awesome image here below. It shows D.C. burning, and a Marxist flag in the background. And our military raising the American flag.

And then, Jim O’Neill, July 18, 2011 penned his article, “Time to Reboot America.” (It was also in the Canada Free Press.) O’Neill said, “I suspect that the only reason that American Revolution II has remained on the back burner for as long as it has, is only because of a lack of leadership and direction.”

So, this is the call for men and women to “come forward and give us leadership and direction.” I am unsure anyone has the fortitude to do so, but I am issuing the call! Please fill out and return the following application. You will be contacted and we can begin to formulate plans to remove the traitors from out government buildings that have lead us astray.

Please download the application, print it, fill out, scan it and then email the application back to help us save America.

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